Not much changed Since we arrived 1967

During all these years in my life I have observed that We are still at the same level of education,maturity general well being etc from where We started our trip 47 years back in this great country. Whenever We visit our native place a small village at Uttar pradesh all these memories crop up just like a film being re-winded very fast without skipping even minor details of events.

Waking up early,rushing to jungle for answering natures call, Doing Datun ,taking Bath in Pond and changing clothes, having a fast break-fast of  Roti Sabzi if available , No chappal , No cycle , No good bag, A Bora for siting in class and of course cleaning the School with this whenever asked by the Guru Ji.

The primary life style and the primary education has not much changed in our country. We are so lucky to become an Engineer in our life and most of the contributions to this is to the society and the people who always encouraged us and supported with all that what they have. I remember days when I was walking on road while coming from School in my middle school education days the teacher offer the cycle ride and ask me to take rear seat ( carrier or in front) . They never allowed me to drive the cycle while my age was 11-12-13 and they were 30-31-32 like that.

We do not know if our children had such experiences. The English like education has changed end to end of our country including our thought process. Now it has become very difficult for parents  to make understand the negatives of life or to explain it to the new generation even if we know that the individual is not on right path of his journey.

We have to change this mind set by inculcating Sanatan Dharma once again in our life as well as to our family. The Hindu Dharma has shown the righteous way of life to each one of us when we were at cross roads. Our Rishies and Sages have documented their experiences and their hard earned knowledge  in some form or other to help man kind across the world.

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