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How life evloves to a prewritten script.

Yesterday it was a busy day , a lot of things were planned well in the office , like some meetings etc and out side being a township residents of the BARC anushaktinagar , it is normally possibleto have hectic days.

Parked my bike outside of the parking lot at office , went in-out a couple of times , at around 16:30 hrs when I was taking my bike to Dispensary just to get attended an Inj. of Vitamin B12 to my wife over there , noticed that the rear left indicator of bike is half broken.

went to dispensary, put registration to known Doctor, went to near by shop purchased a Fevi Kwik to set right the broken indicator,   in the mean time wife came and attended the OPD. I put up the Fevikwik , and left over pauch was hidden in the fender of bike, being Gum I thought I will take it out latter on.

Went to buy inj outside as it was not available here , came nicely , it was administered to her, nurse was admant to get the history of the earlier injections to her , any way it was resolved latter on by Dr hemself . latter I went back to office .

reached back home around 18:00 hrs. took dinner by 10:00 , were out for stroll with my wife as usual after dinner and came back to home.

I recalled that bike is not covered now, let me do it , so I went to downstairs put cover on bike and , remembered that Fevi is still here, so took it out and holding in left hand and rushed to lift, it was 11: 15 PM or so.

being in lift I noticed that cap of fevi kwik is missing and god only know what happened a spurt of gum reached to my left eye and I was in pain. lift was moving up, reached 7th floor opened the door and started washing the eyes like anything.

Daughter a Medico student cleaned some stuff , Son a MS-CSE from USA is here , He also assisted along with his mother as well. Lastly  some relief and I was rushed to casualty of BARC Hospital by children as I surrendered to the situation.

45 minutes waiting , in pain , number came , Dr on call was called, another 15 minutes, eye was cleaned and an appointment was given to eye OPD next morning. Eye was banded and I left to home by 12:00 night.

Morning went to eye OPD with bike and helmet and one eye closed inspection done to both eyes , all was well, no eye drops etc were given although eye was red  & a bit etchy, Drs asked me to clean by water.

joined office today went to my First aid center at NPCIL HQ. Dr on duty wrote a prescription for ocurest eye drop, Sister on duty told only one set is available Dr, she just put few drops in my eye, a great relief . Medicine not given to me  by her . She checked with dispansary and told that pl. go their and get one.

waiting to go to Known Dr at BARC Dispensary to get a drop at 16:30 Hrs.Feeling better now, let me see if I may be able to get any drop to expedite my healing process with ease.

A govt servant with 27 yrs of service and so called additional chief Engineer , son MS-CSE USA, Daughter Medical student from KEM, wife MA-history housewife.

The above episode reminds me that every moment is planned.

A medical CHSS facility, appears like all recipes with no curry !